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Koç University Summer Research Program 2022 - Quantum Complex, Biological, and Information Systems


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About This Course

Introduction to (classical/quantum) complex systems and network theory will be studied in this course. Besides classical counterparts of networks, quantum effects in many systems can be modeled by quantum version of them. Basic definitions and controversial studies of classical and quantum systems will be considered. We will see some applications of physical systems using different network models from quantum walk problem to quantum internet. After completing the first part of the course the research problems can be given to the students.

The main aim of the course is to make an introduction to quantum biology. This is a new research field that investigates what kind of quantum effects appear in biochemical systems, how these effects emerge in the first place, what is needed to protect them, and how they play a role in the functions of biomolecules.

Course Staff

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Prof. Özgür E. Müstecaplıoğlu

Prof. Özgür E. Müstecaplıoğlu received his PhD from Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey in 1999, under the supervision of Prof. A. Shumovsky. He was a visiting research student at University of Toronto in 1998 in the Photonic Band Gap group of Prof. S. John. He then worked as a postdoctoral fellow within the GeorgiaTech Ultracold Atoms group until 2002, when he was appointed Assistant Professor at KU. In 2012 he became Full Professor at KU. He has been inducted to the Turkish Science Academy Society (2013) and received prestigious national research awards such as the Mustafa Parlar Research Award (2009), TUBITAK Research Encouragement Award (2007) and the Turkish Academy of Science Young Scientist Award (2004). He was elected as an Outstanding Referee of American Physical Society in 2012. He has held visiting academic positions at Queen's University Belfast (2016), Princeton University (2014), and ETHZ (2010). He has contributed to a wide range of fields, including plasmonics, nanophotonics, ultracold atoms, quantum information, quantum decoherence, cavity QED, stochastic and quantum thermodynamics, optomechanics, and optical properties of semiconductors. Prof. Müstecaplıoğlu has authored or co-authored 100+ publications since 1995, attracting 2000+ citations and securing € 1.3M+ in research funding from national and international agencies.

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Dr. Onur Pusuluk

Dr. Onur Pusuluk received two B.Sc. degrees at the Istanbul Technical University (ITU), one from the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics and one from the Department of Physics Engineering. Onur conducted all his B.Sc. studies at the interface of physics and biology with a strong interest in neuro-immunological interactions and the evolution of genetic code. He then completed his physics Ph.D. at ITU, where he worked as a research assistant as well. He investigated quantum aspects of molecular correlations in nucleotide biochemistry in his Ph.D. study. As a part of this study, he also spent one year as a recognized student in the Frontiers of Quantum Physics group at the University of Oxford. He is currently a member of the Quantum Enabling System Technologies Team at the Koc University. His postdoctoral research focuses on the interface of quantum information and quantum thermodynamics. Also, he leads an independent junior research group working on quantum biology. He investigates the quantum coherence and correlations possessed by the (bio)molecules within their chemical bonds to reveal their resource value from the standpoint of quantum information and quantum thermodynamics. To this end, he utilizes computational tools such as quantum chemistry, neural networks, and tensor networks.

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Dr. Aslı Tuncer

Dr. Aslı Tuncer has received her master and PhD degree at İTÜ on Physics Engineering. Then she has worked as a postdoctoral resercher at Prof.Dr. Özgür Müstecaplıoğlu’s research group, QuEST, Koç University. Recently, she is working as an academic stuff in Koç University. She is working on quantum complex systems, quantum information and quantum thermodynamics. Her previous studies are based on graph theory, critical phenomena on complex systems, spin-glasses and renormalization group theory. Her recent research project (Non-equilibrium Quantum Thermodynamics of Spin-glasses) is supported by TÜBİTAK and she is open to collaborate with young researchers in her group.

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