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HOPINEU (Harmonisation of the Principles of Insurance Law in Europe)


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About This Course

This course builds upon the project entitled "Harmonisation of the Principles of Insurance Law in Europe" that has been running at Koç University Law School since 2018 with a generous grant received from the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. It seeks to focus on insurance & its interactions with law and is open not only to law students, but to all students of Koç University. The course materials consist of standalone videos recorded during the academic events held within the scope of the project, spanning a broad range of topics.

Students enrolling in this course will have the opportunity to:

- Acquire a general understanding of insurance and insurance law

- Watch the course videos according to their topic of interest

- Listen to world-renowned insurance law scholars discussing the most recent developments in insurance litigation

- Receive certificates by watching the relevant certificate programmes.

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